Golfers, whether new to the game or already a competitive player, all share a common desire – enjoying the game while improving their skills .

For some, “better” might mean eliminating a tendency to slice or it could mean gaining yardage off the tee through more meaningful contact, while for others it’s about chipping with control or improving putting accuracy. There really is a never-ending list of things to work on – and that goes for the high handicapper as well as the low handicapper.

Club Pro Jay Guarrd is happy to offer private and small group instruction to our members and the general public. Please contact the Pro Shop to schedule an appointment with Jay at (360) 532-1931.

Lesson Rates:

[one_half]Individual Lessons
-Individual 30 minute lesson $40

Lesson Series
4–30 minute lessons $135

Junior Lessons (under 18 years old)
Individual 30 minute lessons $35

Junior Lesson Series
4–30 minute lessons $110 [/one_half]
[one_half_last] Group Lessons
(form your own group)

1 hour of instruction
2 students $80
3 students $95
4 students $100

Playing Lessons
1 student $110
2-3 students $150

Group Clinic and Video Lessons
-Special Rates- [/one_half_last]